About Me

Alejandro Escontrela

Researcher @ {Google Brain, Borglab (GT)}

Full-time undergraduate student studying Aerospace Engineering @ Georgia Tech

Hi there, I'm Alejandro, a Computer Science and Aerospace Engineering student interested in machine learning and intelligent systems. I sometimes write about my interests.

My Career

Google Brain

Working with Atil Iscen and the rest of the Google Brain Locomotion team to teach legged robots how to walk. Publications coming soon!

May 2020
Research/Software Engineering Intern


Performing research on trajectory optimization techniques for legged robots under the supervision of Frank Dellaert.

Aug 2019
Undergraduate researcher


Software Engineering Intern on the Colossus team.

May 2019
Software Engineering Intern

Georgia Tech RoboJackets IGVC Software Team Lead

Software Team Lead for the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition team at Georgia Tech.

Aug 2018
Software Team Lead

Northrop Grumman

Software Engineering intern in the Mission Systems sector of Northrop Grumman

May 2018
Software Engineering Intern

My Projects


Asynchronously gather historical cryptocurrency data from Coinmarketcap.com.

...   ...


A numpy-only implementation of a Convolutional Neural Network, from the ground up.

...   ...

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